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Cumbria, England, UK, December 8 2004. PDF version

Catalogs and complete web site contents can be converted into CD or DVD formats, thereby reducing costs, improving efficiency, and allowing customers or staff without an internet connection to access information. This advance has been made possible with services and tools available from a British company.

By replacing printed catalogs with a Catalog on DVD, developed by PHD Computer Consultants Ltd., companies can reduce production and postage costs while protecting the environment by using less paper. Unlike printed catalogs, the DVDs can also be updated quickly and cheaply.

Sales and other personnel working away from the office, as well as customers, will find Catalog on DVD discs more convenient to handle than bulky catalogs, while locating products or specifications is made easy through powerful search tools.

Catalog on DVD tools can also reproduce web sites onto CD or DVD. For companies with mobile sales staff or consultants who cannot always access the internet, or customers in areas where land line telephones are not available, a Catalog on DVD website on CD or DVD allows instant access to the web site via a PC. Small updates to the static DVD data can be downloaded by mobile telephone if necessary. The instant availability of a web site on disc also eliminates the time-consuming task of downloading large quantities of data from the internet.

There are significant commercial benefits in moving from printed to electronic media. PHDCC provides services and tools to transfer catalogs to the web, including the implementation of e-shopping, and from the web onto CD or DVD. The tools allow companies to re-publish the discs when required without the need to learn new technical skills and without the need to return to PHDCC for further assistance.

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