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findinsite-js configuration screen About section


Use the About section of the findinsite-js configuration screen to do these jobs:

Partial screenshot of the online configuration screen About section:
Config screen About section

Display findinsite-js information

The findinsite-js Version is listed at the top of the About section. Go the findinsite-js web site to see if there is a later version available - your licence may provide you with updates for free.

The Started field lists the date and time when findinsite-js started - this information can be useful, eg to tell if your servlet engine has been restarted for some reason.

Display server information

The Server description is useful to let you know the type of servlet engine and its version number. findinsite-js also lists the Java Servlet Development Kit (JDSK) specification version that is supported.  JDSK 0.0 is shown for versions less then 2.1 - this usually means that JDSK 2.0 is supported.

The Context name may be useful when trying to identify findinsite-js in the servlet engine / application server control interface.

Display runtime runtime environment information

The remaining information displayed in the the About section may be useful in tracking down problems.
Request headers
These headers are sent from the browser to findinsite-js. For example, the "accept-language" header (if present) lists your preferred languages; findinsite-js uses this header to set its output language and character set.

Servlet context attributes
These attributes are provided to findinsite-js from the Java servlet engine.

Java properties
These are property values available to any Java program. For example, the "java.runtime.version" property (if present) indicates the precise Java specification that is supported.

findinsite-js also sets some Java properties to enable emailing, eg "user.fromaddr".

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