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About papers

Papers is an online system that lets authors submit abstracts and papers for academic journals and conferences - with comprehensive peer review, editing and administration facilities available to the organisers.

The Papers system has been used a client for their conferences in 2014 onwards. We are now making it available to other organisations.

Customisation to your specific submission process is possible, eg to only accept abstracts or use your particular scoring/review system. Please get in touch if you would like to access a demo system. Currently there is no means to make the final proceedings available on the website - but this can be added.

New for 2020: Papers v2 is in development using nodejs and JavaScript and is available as open source: Client phdcc-papers and API phdcc-papers-api. PHDCC can host Papers for you on our own servers - or help you set it up on your server - see pricing below.


  • Online website for submission and review process - either on your system or hosted by PHDCC
  • Automatic handling of submission process reduces admin work load
  • System operates in phases, ie accepting abstracts, accepting papers, editing and review
  • Abstracts can be scored then accepted or rejected
  • Reviewers of papers can request revisions
  • Associate editors can make final review recommendations
  • Authors can submit revised papers following review - and a file with a response to the review comments if desired
  • Authors can also submit short papers without having submitted an abstract
  • Customisable email templates
  • Customisable submission forms
  • Customisable manuscript types accepted, eg word processor, PDF or presentations
  • Submitted files protected from public download
  • Download of all submissions and data available to admin staff
  • All site uses English

Submission and review process

  1. Authors submit initial abstracts summarising what they intend to have in a full paper
  2. Designated users can then score anonymised abstracts
  3. Admin staff consider assessments and then accept or reject the abstract
  4. Authors of approved abstracts can then submit a full paper
  5. Admin staff send the paper to designated reviewers for a first review
  6. Each reviewer can accept or reject the paper - or ask for optional or mandatory revisions - and provide review comments
  7. A paper's associate editor can see all its reviews and make a final recommendation
  8. Tricky papers can be sent to an editorial committee for a final decision
  9. If revisions are requested, then an author can provide a revised version
  10. Reviewers can then accept or reject a revised paper in a second review
  11. Admin staff can then make a final decision to accept or reject each paper
  12. Editors can provide an edited paper to meet your layout and wording specifications
  • The short paper option allows authors to submit a paper after the abstract phase - reviewers can accept or reject responses. An editor can provide a final version of short papers.
  • All actions stored in the system log


A Papers v2 site can host one or more publications.

The system costs GBP700 with an extra GBP350 over the course of the year for doing updates and other maintenance. This includes basic training done online/remotely. Any significant changes to the system would be chargeable. No VAT is charged. The site may be hosted by PHDCC or by yourselves. You would handle the admin of the paper submission process.

Please get in touch for more details.