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findinsite-js configuration screen


The findinsite-js configuration screen is where you set up and control all findinsite-js's functions, including indexing.

The main configuration options are shown on the right - click on the section name to display the current settings and make any changes.

General section
Set the work directory, password, license id and logging options
Searching section
Set the search options: search database(s), rules files etc
Look and Feel section
Configure the look of the results sheets, highlighting, the languages supported, and results sorting
Indexing section
Schedule regular indexing runs to build a search database for your site
About section
Display findinsite-js and runtime environment details
Before you do anything else, check that the findinsite-js work directory is OK in the General section - otherwise any changes you make may be lost.


If you set a password previously then you will have to enter it to see the findinsite-js configuration screen. A standard username/password dialog will appear - use your chosen password but any username.
General section Searching section Look and Feel section Indexing section About section Config screen menu

Browser Back Button
In general, findinsite-js will cope if you press the Back button of your browser to go to a different configuration screen page. However, if you are editing an indexing run, then you may lose your indexing run completely if you move away from the indexing wizard pages.

Configuration Tasks

  1. Check the work directory in the General section.
  2. Set a password in the General section.
  3. Create a search database (using regular indexing run) in the Indexing section.
  4. Tell findinsite-js to use this search database in the Searching section.
  5. Check that searches run OK and display result pages correctly.
  6. Configure the result sheet layout in the Look and Feel section.
  7. Buy a license and enter the license id in the General section.
  8. The About section lists the findinsite-js version and various runtime environment settings - useful for diagnosing problems.
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