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Servers and Servlet Engines for findinsite-js


You need a suitable server to run findinsite-js because it is a Java Servlet.  A Java Servlet is a program that is run by your server in response to a request from a browser, ie a search request in the case of findinsite-js.  A Java Servlet produces HTML output with the desired information.

Most servers need an add on Java servlet engine or Java application server to be able to run servlets.

Note that you can test out findinsite-js on your own computer using a free or trial servlet engine as described below.

Can our server run Java Servlets?

If you want to run findinsite-js, your server must be able to run Java Servlets.  This usually means having a servlet engine installed.  Contact your webmaster or ISP to see if it has this capability already.
  • Most Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) servers are not set up to run Java Servlets.
  • Apache servers are more likely to be able to run Java Servlets, but this is an option that may not have been installed by many Apache webmasters.
  • Most Netscape servers are not set up to run Java Servlets.
  • Most "application servers" provide Java Servlet functionality out of the box.

We have a servlet engine installed - what next?

If you have one of these Java servlet engines installed, then you can jump straight to our findinsite-js deployment instructions... For other servlet engines, consult our general deployment instructions.

OH NO! Our server does not run Java Servlets

DON'T DESPAIR!   Almost all servers can be enhanced to support Java Servlets.

Most servers can support Java Servlets, if they have a Java servlet engine installed.  See our product list below.

When you contact your webmaster or ISP, ask them if they are willing to install Java Servlet support.  It might help if you could recommend a solution for them, eg Apache server webmasters might be more likely to install the Apache Tomcat or JServ servlet engine, rather than another purchased option.

DRAT! Our webmaster or ISP does not want to use a Java Servlet Engine

Your webmaster or ISP may not want to install a servlet engine, for cost or hassle reasons.

In this case, why not set up a new domain hosted by an ISP that does support Java servlets.  findinsite-js running on this new domain will be able to index and seach your main web site.

What features do you want in a new server/ISP?

If you decide to get a new server or ISP hosted solution, Java Servlet capability will obviously be on your required feature list. You must also assess how responsive the webmaster or ISP is to support questions.  Do they already know about running Java Servlets?

Sun's list of servlet resources may help you find a suitable ISP. has an ISP list.

If you want any detailed advice or suggestions, please contact us.

Controlling your servlets

When choosing a new server or ISP, you will want to assess how easy it is to control your servlet engine.

Once findinsite-js is up and running, it should run continuously without any intervention from you, your webmaster or ISP.

However, in the setting-up phase, being able to install and configure Java Servlets yourself may be desirable.  Alternatively, you may be happy to leave the installation and initial configuration of findinsite-js to your webmaster or ISP - in this case point them to our servlet engine and findinsite-js installation instructions (or the online versions for servlet engine and findinsite-js.)

As an example, the commercial product Macromedia JRun provides a browser-based "JRun Management Console".  Similarly, IBM WebSphere has a browser-based "Administrative Console", and BEA WebLogic Server has a browser-based "Admin Console".  However the free Apache JServ must be controlled by editing property files, etc.

Server and Servlet engine list

Some web servers are able to run Java servlets out of the box.  However, for many others, you need to install a Java servlet engine.

Click on this link for a Sun list of servlet engines and Servlet-enabled web servers .

Here is a list of known tools and their claimed support.  See below for an explanation of the terms used in this table.
PHD does not vouch for this information or make any recommendation.
Please advise us if findinsite-js runs satisfactorily (or not) in any tool.

Product Type Servlet
JSDK Configuration Operating systems Servers supported Tested with findinsite-js
Apache JServ
servlet engine no 2.0 Edit property files
Manual restart
Apache Yes
  • Red Hat Linux 6.2, JServ 1.1.2
    Connected to Apache 1.3.12
  • Windows 2000, JServ 1.1.2
    Standalone and connected to Apache 1.3.12
Apache Tomcat
servlet engine yes 2.2/2.3/2.4/2.5 Web Application Manager
Edit property files
Manual restart
Auto reload of servlets

Can deploy Web Applications

Apache Yes
  • Tomcat/2.1
  • Windows 2000, Tomcat 3.1, Standalone
  • Windows XP, Tomcat/4.0.1, Standalone
  • Windows XP, Tomcat/4.1.12, Standalone
  • Windows XP, Tomcat/6.0.14, Standalone
  • Red Hat Linux 7.3, Tomcat/4.1.12, Apache
BEA WebLogic Server 7.0 application server /
servlet engine
yes 2.3 Browser-based "Admin Console" Windows NT/2000, Sun Solaris, Hewlett-Packard HP-UX, RedHat Linux, RedHat Linux AS 2.1, IBM AIX, SuSE Linux on s/390 and zSeries   Yes
  • Windows XP standalone
Borland Enterprise Server Web, VisiBroker and AppServer Editions application server /
servlet engine
yes 2.3 "Borland Management Console" ?   Yes
  • Windows XP standalone
EzWebTools Lightweight Servlet Engine/1.0 servlet engine 2.2 browser-based interface Yes
IBM WebSphere Application Server 4.0 application server /
servlet engine
yes 2.2 Browser-based "Administrative Console" Linux, Windows NT4, Windows 2000 IBM HTTP Server, Apache Yes
  • Windows 2000, Connected to IBM HTTP Server
iMatix Servlet Runner
beta 3
servlet engine 2.0 Xitami Yes
Macromedia JRun
servlet engine yes 2.2 Browser-based "JRun Management Console"

Can deploy Web Applications

IIS 4.0/5.0
WebSite Pro
Java-Based Web Servers
Zeus Web Server
Sun Java System
Web Server
servlet engine yes 2.3 Browser-based administration

Can deploy Web Applications

Sun Java System
Application Server
servlet engine yes 2.3 Browser-based Admin Console

Can deploy Web Applications


Java Servlet Development Kit
Finally, if you are Java programmer, the Java Servlet Development Kit (JSDK) may contain a servlet engine (and servlet web server) that you can use to test servlets. Get the JSDK from Sun.


JSDK Java Servlet Development Kit
findinsite-js runs in all JSDK 2.0 or later versions.
However it takes advantage of some features in JSDK 2.1 and JSDK 2.2.
Property files Text files that define how the servlet engine works or how each servlet is configured.
Servlet Web Server Some servlet engines include a web server that allows you to test servlets without connecting them up a main server.  See Standalone or connected
Standalone or connected If a servlet engine has a servlet web server, then it can respond directly to servlet requests, ie they work standalone.  For most production use, a servlet engine is connected to a "real" main web server that handles the bulk of web page requests, diverting only servlet requests to the servlet engine.
Web Application A Web Application is a complete servlet with its initial configuration and data, bundled into an archive WAR file.  It should be straightforward to install/deploy a Web Application.
findinsite-js is supplied as a Web Application.

Testing findinsite-js on your computer

You can test findinsite-js in a servlet engine on your own computer for free, without even having a server available.

Apache Tomcat and JServ are free.  Macromedia JRun has a 30-day trial development version.  IBM WebSphere has a 60-day trial version.  BEA WebLogic Server has a trial version.  Sun Java System Web Server and Application Server have free and trial versions.  The free Java Servlet Development Kit from Sun may include a servlet engine.

Installing these servlet engines is fairly painless.  Refer to the Installation pages for some guidance.

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