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 phdcc.Data press release
New DNN module set makes it easier to generate forms, get input and display results.

Cumbria, England, UK, January 15 2008. PDF version

phdcc.Data is a new set of DotNetNuke (DNN) 4 data handling modules from PHD Computer Consultants Ltd, England UK. These programmable modules let you define Forms, show a List of submitted form results, View an individual result and Search in the results list. The modules are well documented at

phdcc.Data aims to strike a good balance between providing general purpose functionality out of the box, and providing the customisability needed by real world data-driven web applications.

Unique selling points:

  • Handles profile data so that users can update information about themselves.
  • The List and View modules are customisable in VB or C# to let you display the results precisely as you wish.
  • As a developer you can release form definitions and templates as a standard offering to other users.
Design your own forms using the phdcc.Data.Form module editor, with various common question types: text, integer, captcha, image, etc. The form output can be customised in several ways. Users then fill in the form: either adding or amending their own 'profile' data, or filling in a 'recordset' form as many times as they wish. You can write VB or C# code to handle various form hooks, eg when a form is stored.

Use the phdcc.Data.List module to provide a list of all submitted results for a particular form. A wizard in the module sets up a template in VB or C# for each listed item - you can edit this template online. In addition you can filter and sort the results list in your own code.

The phdcc.Data.View module is used to display a single result, eg to show full details after clicking on Go in a summary List of results. Again, a wizard sets up a template in VB or C# to show the answers to the questions posed on a form - you can edit this template online.

The final module phdcc.Data.Search provides a simple search box that sends a user's query to the List module. Alternatively, you can provide your own search form with your own skin or module.

phdcc.Data forms can also be used to register new users.
Various form admin functions are provided, eg to moderate or amend submissions.
Form definitions can be imported and exported in standard DNN XML format.
Your database must be SQL Server 2005.

The phdcc.Data modules are available with partial C# source for download now. After testing, if you use the module then please support our work by buying a US$39 license. Full source is available for US$99.


Based in Cumbria, England UK since 1994, PHD Computer Consultants Ltd (PHDCC) specialises in e-media tools for CDs, DVDs and web sites, and e-publishing services. The company has a strong consultancy and custom programming background in software, hardware and system design for PCs and other platforms. All product or service names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.

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