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Dynamic-CD.Net makes it easy to put an ASP.NET site onto CD or USB memory stick

Cumbria, England, UK, February 15 2010. PDF version

PHDCC adds new software to its CD and USB publishing range

First, build a CD image using Dynamic-CD-Wizard:
Dynamic-CD-Wizard screenshot
The Dynamic-CD.Net CD/USB AutoPlay dialog:
Dynamic-CD.Net AutoPlay dialog
When Dynamic-CD.Net runs, it tells you what's happening
Dynamic-CD.Net startup message
You can control Dynamic-CD.Net using the taskbar notification icon:
The Dynamic-CD.Net using taskbar notification icon
If you remove the CD or USB stick, Dynamic-CD.Net doesn't fail: it asks for the media to be replaced or viewing cancelled:
Dynamic-CD.Net handles CD or USB stick removable professionally
In My Computer, Dynamic-CD.Net shows a neat list of options:
Dynamic-CD.Net drive options in My Computer has just released Dynamic-CD.Net, a software wizard that transfers Windows .NET websites to CD or USB stick in just a few clicks.

PHD Computer Consultants Ltd (PHDCC) director Chris Cant says, "A CD-based website is an excellent promotional tool - or can serve as a valuable freebie at the end of a conference, giving delegates all the conference material on a plate. Dynamic-CD is used by many company reps to take their website with them on the road, freeing them from the hassle of finding a wireless connection."

What can be put on a data CD can also be put on a DVD, USB memory stick or laptop. Early corporate adopter of Dynamic-CD.Net, Pete Mooney from Cincinnati USA says, "What used to take an hour to set up I can now do in 30 seconds by handing clients a flash drive. Thank you for designing an excellent product!"

Earlier versions of Dynamic-CD run ASP and PHP based web sites. Dynamic-CD.Net extends this support to ASP.NET websites. Full product information and technical advice is available at

PHDCC offers a range of software products for e-media: ShellRun is a professional AutoPlay tool that shows a menu of options on CD startup, FindinSite-CD provides a search facility, while Conference-CD presents a set of PowerPoint presentations with search and menus.

Well-known names around the world rely on PHDCC products, including The World Bank, The London Underground, Interpol and Capgemini Financial Services,Hong Kong. Closer to home, PHDCC has produced a video DVD with an embedded web site for the local Bampton history society.

PHDCC also offers a custom CD development service. For example, the International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Injury (IRCOBI) based in Switzerland has used PHDCC's services for the last two years to produce its annual conference proceedings CD with special keyword handling.

Formed in 1994, PHDCC is based in Bampton, Penrith, Cumbria, England, UK. Please get in touch with director Chris Cant on 01931713196 for more information or via

Notes to Editors:

  1. Various screen shots of Dynamic-CD.Net and Dynamic-CD-Wizard are shown on the right. Click to obtain them full size image. Please use these images along side any article on Dynamic-CD.Net.
  2. PHD Computer Consultants Ltd (PHDCC) is based in the Lake District, Cumbria, England, United Kingdom.
  3. For further information, please contact PHDCC director Chris Cant on 01931713196 [email protected] or at Lake View, Bampton, Penrith CA10 2QU, United Kingdom
  4. PHDCC's full range of software products is as follows:
  5. Pete Mooney is Program Manager at Turner Facilities Management Solutions (250 West Court Street, Suite 150, Cincinnati, OH 45202, USA)
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