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findinsite-ms hosted search

Provide a hosted search for your site using findinsite-ms:
  • Full search engine for your web site - feature list
  • The hosted search service is based on the Application Service Provider (ASP) model

Plan pricing

  • Free trial month on any plan
  • Plan 1: US$15 per month: up to 1000 pages, findinsite-ms branding
  • Plan 2: US$30 per month: up to 2500 pages, own branding templates
  • Plan 3: US$60 per month: up to 5000 pages, own branding templates and full access to control panel
  • Plan 4: Contact us for pricing if you have more pages
  • Payment: 3 months in advance

Plan features

   Plan 1   Plan 2   Plan 3 
Price per month US$15 US$30 US$60
Files 1,000 2,500 5,000
Search features All All All
Indexing Daily Daily Hourly, Daily, etc
Indexing results email Yes Yes Yes
findinsite-ms branding Yes - -
Customisable templates - Yes Yes
Search API - Yes Yes
Multiple subsets/sites - - Yes
Access to control panel - - Yes
ASP.NET needed on your site No No No
  • All hosted search sites will be monitored for content suitability and conformance with limits.
  • Bandwidth limitations may apply.
  • The latest version of findinsite-ms is used.
The hosted search service is currently based on servers hosted for us by

Getting started

Email sales to tell us what site you want indexed, and what plan you are considering. We will set up an installation of findinsite-ms and tell you the code to include on your site. Off you go...


Peter Leeflang, Thu, 5 Feb 2009 10:33:26 -0500
The index works perfectly. You probably got the best method I have found so far (and I have tried a lot, including Google).

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