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 Top tips when designing a CD or DVD
Why produce a CD or DVD?
  • CDs and DVDs are cheaper to produce than a bulky paper catalog . . . . . CatalogonDVD
  • Updating a CD or DVD is a much cheaper option than reprinting the catalog
  • Provides an easy to use snapshot of a conference or presentation
  • Password-protected CDs and DVDs can contain premium content . . . . . Dynamic-CD
  • Use a CD or DVD to run a training course
Why bother, when access to the web is everywhere?
  • Even those with a speedy connection will appreciate instant content on CD and DVD
  • CDs and DVDs can be used by mobile users
  • Large video or PDF files can be viewed quickly
  • CDs and DVD are great direct marketing give-aways and a reminder of your product
  • Get extra mileage out of your existing web investment
  • Reach customers who wouldn't search for you online
Your web site content is interactive and is database driven?
  • Run a CD or DVD web server to serve ASP/ASP.NET/PHP pages . . . . . Dynamic-CD
Top tips when designing CDs and DVDs
  • Organise a single data source for your catalog, your web site and your CD
  • Make sure your CD or DVD AutoRuns in Windows . . . . . ShellRun
  • Provide a powerful search engine . . . . . FindinSite-CD
  • Add multimedia content, such as videos
  • Give out a CD or DVD whenever you give a presentation
  • Make sure the CD or DVD runs on all potential browsers and computer platforms
  • Password-protect or encrypt sensitive data . . . . . Dynamic-CD
  • Test your content thoroughly before release
  • Make a music CD and incorporate your data as well
  • Include viewers for all file types used . . . . . ShellRun
  • Have plenty of pre-printed unburnt CDs available
  • Ask an expert to do the job for you - at least the first time . . . . . CatalogonDVD
  • Scan for viruses for releasing
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get it right
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